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Bing Search Advertising

If your company currently invests in paid search marketing and is using Google AdWords, New Horizons Learning Group can help take your strategy to the next level. Even if your organization is implementing a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign for the first time, our Search Advertising with Bing Ads course will give you the tools and resources needed to build a successful strategy. Adding Bing to your current PPC plan allows you to increase brand visibility on search engines and reach 51 million users who do not use Google for their searches. The potential for successful campaigns is outstanding, making it easy to see how Bing Ads training can help you improve your bottom line.

Why Your Organization Should Be Advertising on Bing

Including Bing in your paid search advertising plan can help you see better results. However, it is important to understand how to get the best use out of the site to ensure your ads reach your target audience. Protecting your budget during the transition to Bing Ads is crucial, whether you are importing an existing campaign or starting from scratch. Training to acquire Bing Ads certification can help you see better results. Taking courses from professional trainers is also faster than trying to self-train, which could potentially waste money and hurt a campaign’s ranking.

The Bing Advertising certification course from New Horizons Learning Group will teach you the important differences between your various paid search options. Our course is designed to educate you on the basics of advertising with Bing, as well as the information you need to easily transition your current campaign from AdWords.

For example, one of the main characteristics that differentiates Bing Ads and AdWords is targeting searches. The two platforms are somewhat similar in some respects, but Bing Ads training helps you pinpoint your desired customer. The familiarity with the process helps you seamlessly transition to Bing Ads so your campaigns can achieve maximum impact. Similar to AdWords, our course will teach you how to target a customer by location, time, specific demographics, and a user’s search activity. While both options help you narrow your focus to key consumers, the final targeting options between the two are very different.

"In Bing Ads you have some of the same, but also improved functionality, as you can set your targeting at the campaign level or ad group level. In Google AdWords you only set targeting at the campaign level."

- Nancy McCord, President of McCord Web Services LLC, a Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company

Important Differences between Bing Ads & AdWords:

  • Your targeting options are significantly different with each platform. These options include location targeting and time-of-day targeting, among others, and it is important for you to review and confirm your targeting settings before launching your ad campaign.
  • Bing Ads gives you the ability to have different minimums for overall budgets and bids.
  • With Bing Ads you can take advantage of a longer 71-character limit that offers greater flexibility when crafting your campaign.
  • The way that Bing Ads and Google AdWords handle broad match negative keywords is different.
  • Bing Ads and Google AdWords have different methods used to determine your quality score and the overall performance of your keywords. Different metrics can be used to help you track your KPIs.

New and Innovative Bing Ad features:

  • Sitelink – Sitelink allows you to place multiple links into a single ad instead of just one. Companies that use Sitelink extensions with Bing Ads have seen an increase of nearly 20% on average for their click-through rates.
  • Location Extensions – Location extensions and contact information for companies are available to Bing searchers without the need for them to click. This convenience has in fact led to more clicks, as the average click-through rate for mainline-position ads with location extensions is 33% higher than those ads without extensions.
  • Location-Based Search – Location-based search with Bing Ads makes it easy to target your ideal customers. This can be done whether they’re near a specific address or while using a certain device. You have the ability to target a radius around an address, such as your business location, designated market areas (DMAs), and people in or searching for a location.
  • Campaign Import – Easily import your Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads so you don’t have to start over from Step 1.

New to paid search? Consider these key facts:

  • 73% of consumers say they use search engines to find local businesses
  • 46% of daily searches are for products or services information

How can Bing Ads specifically help your sales?

  • There are 159 million unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network, 51 million of whom do not use Google in the U.S.
  • Bing users spend 20% more than the average searcher and 3.6% more than Google users.
  • There are 36% fewer advertisers on Bing than on Google, meaning there is less competition for top positions.
  • The Bing Ads platform can lead to better ROI to reach your target audience.

Who is using Bing?

  • BPeople who earn healthy salaries use Bing to find what they need. There are 2% more people with incomes between $60K and $100K using Bing than the overall internet population.
  • More searchers between the ages of 25 and 64 use Bing compared to the general internet population, topping the average by more than 18%.

The first step in helping your organization improve its paid search strategy is to earn Bing advertising certification. Doing so allows you to get the tools and resources needed to expertly manage all of your campaigns. Contact us to learn more about Bing Ads certification.