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Benefits of Private Classes at New Horizons Learning Group

At New Horizons Learning Group, we believe in giving you options so that you can have the best possible training experience and learn the material you need for your career. This is why we offer two options that give your company more flexibility when it comes to training: Private Classes at one of our five-star facilities and Onsite Classes where we bring the training to you. In addition, you can enroll in IT training courses that are “off-the-shelf,” slightly modified from their original version, or totally customized to fit your specific needs. The customizable training options from New Horizons are designed to help your organization achieve its goals and lead to direct and immediate results.

Unique Private Group Training – Tailored to Your Needs

Private training allows your business to train an entire department or the whole staff with one unified learning experience. This helps ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page and receives a standardized education for the required technology.

Benefits of New Horizons Private IT Training Courses:

Customized solutions to accomplish your training objectives
Flexible scheduling options help maintain your team’s productivity
Everything is provided for our Private Courses at New Horizons facilities
Receive a unified learning experience for all employees
Develop and strengthen real-world skills to ensure your project's success
Build your team’s potential, ownership and skillset
Reduce your company’s training costs

Instructor-Led Onsite Classes at Your Facility

Big and small organizations alike have realized the benefits of holding IT training courses on-site. It is a flexible and cost-effective solution that enables companies to train as many or as few employees as necessary without worrying about travel expenses, lost productivity, or a drop in training quality.

On-Site Training Provides:

Customized or standard training
Flexible scheduling
Lower training costs
A consistent learning experience for staff
Minimized employee downtime
Hands-on training with real-world applications

Start enjoying the benefits of customized training today!

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