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Pulse Secure Training with New Horizons

Connect and Configure Your IT Network

Implement unified solutions for your devices and data with Pulse Secure training from Nexum and New Horizons. Mobility and BYOD can create security challenges but Pulse Secure gives IT professionals the tools to manage and address such issues as BYOD mobility, secure mobile workspaces, remote corporate and applications compliance, roaming data, traffic control, and cyber threats. Create a work space full of innovators, leaders, and revolutionaries with Pulse Secure training. 


Data Roamers

Many try to support these "data roamers" in their workforce with access security solutions that claim to be "next-gen" and "user-friendly." But they often end up with an array of complex, inflexible, and hard-to-support technologies that undermine the user experience and fail to provide end-to-end security:

  • Empower Mobile and remote workers with simple secure and seamless connectivity
  • Simplify the complexities of secure access across the diversified workforce
  • Ensure context-aware policies - by role, device, and location
  • Enforce mobile data management (MDM)
  • Gain the network visibility needed to ensure end-to-end compliance


Traffic Control

Today's organizations need a mobility-ready network access control (NAC) and BYOD solution that resides on the network, and provides IT administrators with the visibility and granular control to:

  • Enforce intelligent, context-aware security policies
  • Provide easy BYOD enablement, both on-premise and off-premise
  • Operationalize IT policy to meet compliance requirements
  • Automate compliance enforcement

Guest User Support

Today's organizations need a comprehensive, BYOD-ready network access control (NAC) solution that is easy to deploy and manage and provides:


  • Provides guest users connectivity to the enterprise network - regardless of location or device type.
  • Granular enforcement of security policies
  • A context-aware policy engine
  • Automated, self-service, BYOD onboarding of devices
  • Uniform compliance across all devices

Converged Management

Today's organizations need a cloud-based platform that supports centralized management of remote, mobile, and campus access to the data center or cloud, and:


  • Unifies access policies for on-premise and cloud deployments
  • Addresses the nuances of enterprise mobile security
  • Reports on the health of all appliances and devices
  • Provides a mass-provision workspace for deploying patches and features