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  • 8 May 2017
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Our instructors are award winning trainers making them some of the best trainers in the world. They routinely receive high marks from their students, and work to provide top-notch training. Each of our instructors is certified in the classes they teach, and that goes for every single class! We could wax poetic about how skilled our instructors are all day, but instead of that we’re going to show you by highlighting two of our instructors a month, every month to showcase their hard work and talents. In this blog, we want to highlight Joe Ng, one of our Technical Instructors who has been with us for over 15 years.

Joe has been a technical instructor for over 16 years; it is safe to say that he knows his stuff by now! He started his career training IT professionals on DOS, NT 4.0, IIS, and TCP/IP classes. In addition to his work as a full-time trainer and IT consultant, he improved migration of Microsoft databases, NT server migrations, maintenance and backups. When he joined the New Horizons family, he taught NT classes, Server 2000, Cisco, and CompTIA. With the influx of new programs, technologies and changing client needs Joe has expanded his skill set and teaches a number of courses for our students.

“Throw in an ice breaker before class starts and a few IT jokes. Gimmicks always help lighten the mood and get everyone comfortable,” says Joe. By getting his students comfortable he knows that they will be more likely to ask their questions and participate in conversation, enriching their experience and the experiences of their classmates. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students and providing a network to share best practices. His blend of real world examples with theoretical concepts give his students a well-rounded understanding of all topics.

He wants to make sure his students are able to carry what they learn out of the classroom and into their day-to-day lives. Joe takes his commitment to his students serious and remains a resource for his students long after the classes end. He likes to network and connect with them on social media, such as LinkedIn, and assist them further with their goals.

Joe has many talents, and is certified or specializes in the following: 

Joe has many talents, and is certified or specializes in the following:

Are you interested in taking a class with Joe and expanding your knowledge? Here is what he is scheduled to teach in the next few months:

Class Title  Date and Start Time
 VMWare vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage v6.5  5/22/2017 7:00AM
 Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Accelerated v3.0 CCNAX  6/05/2017 7:00AM
 20345-1 Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016  6/19/2017 7:00AM


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