So, whats new with New Horizons? We're investing in new ways to help you grow, stay competitive and keep your team and career ahead of the curve. Your success is our main priority!

Convenient Locations

We're growing to provide the same great service you expect from New Horizons, in more locations. New Horizons Learning Group now has 10 locations in Arizona, California and Nevada. Train with the Best in the West!

Expanded Funding Sources

Budget planning is always tough. We work with you to maximize your training investment. Through our partnerships with state, local and private organizations, our students and clients can breath easy know they are getting the most our of their training dollars. New funding and budget options include Learning Credits, Employer Training Panel, GSA, Sallie Mae Loans and more!

Expanded Products and Courses

As technology evolves, so does your development needs. We've partnered with industry leaders to bring you the top courses in networking, security, leadership and management and web development. With thousands of courses, we work with you to develop your team and skills.

Redesigned Website

Our new website revives your navigation and online experience. With even more products shown and an easier cart check out, rest assured you can click your way to success. Browse on your desktop, tablet or mobile device to experience our offerings.

Pristine Service

You're not just another student, we treat all our students, clients and partners as life long relationships. We're committed to delivering accessible and responsive support. We invest in your success and empower you to succeed through learning. 

More Ways to Learn

We know there is no one size fits all solution for your development and training needs. We have a variety of learning methods to accommodate your skill level, flexibility and learning styles. Learn what you want, how you want, and when you want!