Jason S
Applications Instructor

With over 15 years’ experience in the creative technology industry, he loves opportunities to interact with students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
Jason began teaching while still in high school, when he taught art to children at a local daycare. Since then, he’s taught computer programming to professional artists and guided other instructors in developing design curriculum and learning goals.
Throughout his career, Jason has loved seeing the sense of accomplishment when a tool finally clicks for a student and their interaction with the technology provides an experience that’s tantamount to magic.
In New York City Jason was the artistic director of an award-winning theater company that specializes in immersive experiences. He still stays creative in his free time.

“People learn when they’re having fun. I love Skeuomorphism - the way computer interfaces mimic real-world counterparts. It helps people who may be intimidated by computers to relate their experiences to objects and interactions in real life. Sometimes we don’t think to view the computer desktop as a representation of a real desktop or the hard drive as a filing cabinet filled with folders, or a PDF as a photocopy.”

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Professional Experience
  • Adjunct Lecturer
  • Workshop Leader
  • Lead Teaching Artist
  • New York University – Bachelors of Fine Arts- Film and TV Production
  • Brooklyn College – Masters of Fine Arts- Performance and Media Arts
Clients Served
  • County of Los Angeles
  • Cal Trans
  • Warner Brothers
Languages Spoken
  • English