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Individuals and organizations around the world are choosing to invest in Apple hardware, software, and services in growing numbers. One of the main reasons for this trend is the rise in mobile solutions for businesses and productivity. The mobile revolution, and the products that Apple has introduced to simplify and streamline processes, allows companies to both boost efficiency and significantly reduce costs.

As businesses expand their use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, to complete tasks, it becomes increasingly important to receive Apple training in order to gain an understanding of how to use Apple iPads and iPhones to your advantage. 

While it is critical for individuals to know how to effectively get their work done using Apple products, IT professionals must also be familiar with how they can be used to support business growth. iPads allow businesses to create customized apps that can be developed and curated to help them reach their goals. For this reason IT professionals are integrating the use of iPads into their existing technology strategy. Enabling iPad support and achieving an Apple certification helps developers create an agile infrastructure that supports the creation and management of vital iOS apps for business use. 

With enhanced connectivity shared throughout the family of Apple products opening up the possibilities, it is critical for IT professionals to have a working knowledge of the devices and become certified in their technology.

Understanding Apple's Operating Systems

OS X Yosemite is a popular desktop operating system that allows users to easily manage and communicate information between a number of Apple devices. This technology has grown to be especially popular with creative teams within organizations as it promotes collaboration and allows access to key documents anywhere. 

Knowing the ins and outs of Apple’s various operating systems in the OS X family enables IT staff to expertly integrate, manage, and support other compatible technologies. 

New Horizons Learning Group offers Apple classes. These courses on OS X technical support and iOS mobile solution training and management are designed for developers working with iPad and iPhone applications who want to work toward various Apple certifications.

Whether you are an individual whose goal is to understand how to use your new Apple product or are more interested in becoming an Apple IT expert for your business, New Horizons Learning Group has the perfect training option.

OS X Support

Our Apple training on OS X provides you with a deeper look into Apple's latest operating systems so that you can develop the skills needed to confidently support their installations. Our courses cover:
System installation and configuration
Customizing the operating system
Supporting applications
Setting up peripherals...and more

iOS Development

The Apple iOS training courses provided by New Horizons Learning Group will teach you how to create and manage iOS apps for iPad and iPhone in an interactive environment that focuses both on troubleshooting and development. By the end of the Apple certification training you will understand:
▪ The iOS SDK
▪ Various iOS Development tools
▪ Developing projects in Objective-C
▪ The debugger integrated in Xcode
▪ Submitting API to the App Store

iPad Support

The iPad Support training we offer at New Horizons Learning Group is designed to help you master the device. We will show you how to take advantage of all the iPad has to offer, as well as best practices for integrating it into your workflow to increase office productivity. We also offer Apple classes aimed at help desk professionals who support iPad devices and end users.
iPad Introduction and Business Use Seminars
New Horizons Learning Group offers two-hour seminars to teach individuals and business users how to fully understand and make the best use of their iPads. You can attend these seminars as private classes, allowing you to customize them so that you and your team get the maximum benefit. In addition, you can learn more about the various Apple certifications available that will help your team become stronger users while also giving you the skills needed to advance in your career. Check with your New Horizons Learning Group account executive for more details and give us a call if you have any questions at 888-825-6684.

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