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The way things are designed and made is radically transforming. Whether you make bridges or buildings, products or media, AutoCAD can help prepare your business for a new era.

When it comes to designing and building new products or structures, the future is already here. Over the last few years the process of making things has drastically changed. This also applies to the way things are used, which spurs innovation and continues to send companies to the drawing board to create even more. This phenomenon has affected organizations across a variety of industries, including engineering, construction, architecture, manufacturing, entertainment, and media. However, those that are equipped with the right knowledge will be able to master the tools needed to turn every challenge into an opportunity.

As industries continue to converge they are also enabling greater innovation. In order to take advantage of this, drafters must have a thorough understanding of AutoCAD. This will allow them to navigate any project with ease and be able to develop the creations that will take their organization to the next level.

New Horizons Learning Group offers professionals AutoCAD training courses to help you learn the program inside out. Whether you are brand new to the software or want to broaden your skillset, New Horizons has a course to meet your needs. Taught by a certified instructor with real-world experience using the program, our training courses prepare students to take the AutoCAD certification exam. Becoming certified in AutoCAD shows employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and efficiently use the software when drafting plans for projects.

Learn more about our Level 1: Essentials and Level 2: Intermediate AutoCAD training courses by clicking through the class title on the left. There you will see a course outline of topics covered, as well as a schedule of classes. At New Horizons Learning Group, we are committed to helping you develop your skills for AutoCAD certification. If you have any questions about our course offerings, please contact a representative today.