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Brocade Training with New Horizons

Redefining Network Visibility for Mobile Operators

As your dedicated partner for Brocade training, New Horizons and ExitCertified offers certified SAN, IP Layer, and Ethernet Fabric training across North America. Our Education Specialists can help you find the right Brocade course and modality to suit your training needs, including instructor-led private, public and virtual training environments.

SAN Training

New Horizons' Brocade SAN training portfolio includes basic, advanced and troubleshooting courses for technology specific offerings and product specific offerings. The SAN technology course offerings are designed to deliver the features, functions and basic to advanced use of SAN technology within a SAN environment. Each of the technology courses has an associated certification or accreditation which are designed to test students’ knowledge against the levels of SAN. The SAN product specific courses focus on products in a SAN environment including Brocade Network Advisor and Brocade DCX Backbone. View our complete selection of Brocade SAN courses.


IP Layer 2/3 & IP Layer 4/7 Training

New Horizons' Brocade IP training portfolio includes IP Layer 2/3 and IP Layer 4/7 as well as advanced routing protocol offerings. These courses focus on the IP technology and are designed to deliver the features, functions and basic to advanced use of IP technology.

Ethernet Fabric Training

Converged Technology allows Storage and Ethernet traffic to cross the same networking infrastructure. Brocade has taken a leadership position within the industry by helping to create standards that have so far resulted in the development of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB) technology standards. These technologies offer the promise of simplifying data center cabling configurations without disrupting existing Fibre Channel installations, because they preserve existing constructs and management tools. New Horizons offers one Converged Networking course on Converged Technology: CEF 300 - Brocade Ethernet Fabric Administration.