Cisco Learning Credits

Cisco Learning Credit Partner

Simplify Training with Cisco Learning Credits

Through our partnership with Cisco, New Horizons Learning Group offers Cisco learning credits to help organizations save on training with pre-paid credit bundles.

With the integration of Cisco training with your network solution, your team becomes more efficient, granting your business a competitive advantage.

Cisco Learning Credits may be purchased with Cisco hardware, software or services order, or they may be purchased on their own. They are sold in packs of 10, 100, 500 and 1500 and each credit is worth $100 towards training at New Horizons Learning Group.

Benefits of Cisco Learning Credits

  • Secure and establish your Cisco training budget up front
  • Increase administration efficiency as less number of purchase orders are generated for training
  • Upgrade your team with authorized Cisco training
  • Realize a fast return on your Cisco investment
  • Increase overall productivity and network uptime
  • Easily monitor Cisco training history and progress
  • Use credits for Cisco live events

Are you a Cisco Customer?

You can now earn Cisco Learning Credits with the Cisco Customer Loyalty Program. Reward points are assigned based on purchase of Cisco products and services. 100 loyalty points is equivalent to 1 learning credit.

Enroll using your eligible Cisco Learning Credits today!


Join the NH Learning Accelerator Program Today

When you redeem your current Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) with a New Horizons Learning Group, you will be automatically enrolled in our Learning Accelerator Program, a rebate program that takes your CLCs and expands their value for future Cisco and non-Cisco training needs.As a Cisco Platinum Partner, Cisco’s highest learning partner designation, we are committed to your success. Two options for the New Horizons Learning Accelerator Program:

Option 1: New Horizons Training Credits

For every 10 Cisco Learning Credits - New Horizons Cisco Learning Partner Centers will provide $200 towards your next New Horizons course

Option 2: Additional Cisco Learning Credits

For every increment of Cisco Learning Credits redeemed with New Horizons, we will accelerate your return as follows:

  • For 100 CLCs redeemed – New Horizons provides you with 10 CLCs for future use
  • For 150 CLCs redeemed – New Horizons provides you with 15 CLCs for future use
  • For 200 CLCs redeemed – New Horizons provides you with 20 CLCs for future use