Facebook Advertising Training


Grow Your Business Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook is growing a platform used by all demographics of buyers. Most people spend an average of 2 hours per day on Facebook. More organizations are leveraging the power of social media for branding, generating leads and growing their revenue. 

In the featured course, Digital Marketing: Generating Sales Leads Using Facebook, students will learn how to create ad campaigns to generate leads, sales, calls, walk-ins, traffic to their website, even if they have never ran an ad campaign before.

  • Learn how to use Facebook’s Ads Manager to run ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Learn how to  setup campaigns
  • Understand the different campaign objectives and when to use them to meet your marketing needs
  • Understand how to use custom and lookalike audiences
  • Learn how to develop engaging image and video creative for ads
  • Learn how to write effective ad copy for social media users and get and amazing ad copy formula that works for your business.
  • Learn how to identify and target your prospects
  • Learn how to test, revise and optimize campaigns

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