Online Live® (OLL) Training at New Horizons

The Ultimate Interactive Online Learning Experience

Are you looking for computer training courses that allow you to learn the material you need from anywhere? With New Horizons Learning Group you can work from a New Horizons location as well as the comfort of your own home. Our Online LIVE (OLL) computer learning approach provides you with access to your training program via your internet connection, which enables you to connect with your instructor in real time. New Horizons Online LIVE gives you an effective and proven online learning option with an extensive learning catalog and the freedom to attend from virtually anywhere.

Receive the Same Great Learning Experience Online LIVE

Live training online helps you get the same high-quality education as you would find in a traditional classroom setting. Your training program is even more flexible while still learning the material through live lectures, virtual labs, and instructor-led demonstrations. Using our collaborative eLearning platform, along with Adobe Connect, you will be able to connect with the instructor and other students through the use of collaboration groups, video conferencing, screen sharing and an easy-to-use chat window. Online LIVE provides a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows students to easily interact with instructors and fellow students in-person and virtually.

Online LIVE training allows you to:

  • Use live video and audio feeds to participate in discussions
  • Gain hands-on experience by performing virtual labs
  • See course materials, including documents and presentations, in real time
  • Play back any class or topic for review
  • Complete team activities in virtual group settings 
  • Participate in discussions with your instructor and fellow students
  • Engage in one-on-one mentoring sessions with your instructor during a course with New Horizons’ remote sharing technology.

Comprehensive Learning Environment

New Horizons Learning Group’s Online LIVE computer learning platform is easy to operate because it has few technical requirements. Our comprehensive learning environment allows you to access your training from your home, the office, or while out on the road. Additionally, New Horizons provides you with access to an OLL learning lab that makes it easy to view and manage your online success. If you choose, you will also be able to receive on-site learning support from New Horizons specialists.

Online LIVE also gives you access to the client and server technologies covered in class via New Horizons’ Labs on Demand. This program gives you the ability to have remote access to the technology you are learning so you can continue to apply the concepts you learn. You will also be able to be flexible while going through computer training by accessing labs before and after class hours so you can gain extra experience.

Online LIVE Learning Benefits 

By using the Online LIVE platform you will be able to have access to our expert computer learning instructors in real time. Learning online gives you more options when it comes to course dates and times as well. Our online classes are Guaranteed to Run so you don’t need to worry about late cancellations. Access our courses from any computer with an internet connection and reduce your overall training costs while virtually eliminating travel expenses. Managers can have their entire staff train at once, resulting in uniformity that contributes to company success.


What Our Students Say

When I started this class I was a little apprehensive about the Online Learning but what I have learned is that it is as interactive if not more so than an instructor led class. The interface is intuitive; I have video full time with the instructor, I can communicate easily with the microphone or via text chat. The labs have been sensational. You have a full range of servers/sans to work on. It’s been an excellent experience here at New Horizons and I would highly recommend online live learning.
Bob A. - Austin, TX

Find Online LIVE Training in Your Topic of Interest

Our team works with yours to design training programs that address your organization’s critical business needs. Our expert trainers and coaches don’t just preach, they have vetted success in their areas of expertise. They are the mentor you never had, offering unique insights that blend skill development with real-world application to help build better professionals and grow better careers. Find an Online LIVE training from any of the following topics or contact us to bring this subject on-site to you.

Find an Online LIVE Training Location Near You

Ready to schedule on-site training in your area? Looking to enroll in courses at a location near you? New Horizons Learning Group has 10 convenient locations in major west coast and southwestern cities. Each of our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and well versed instructors. Most of our courses can be taken in person or online. We provide hosted long distance courses, online live, dedicated and onsite training for groups, instructor led courses, and even custom courses. Find one of our convenient locations near you and start learning today: