Onsite Training at Your Facility

Benefits of Onsite Training From New Horizons

Working with New Horizons Learning Group on an on-site training plan provides companies of all sizes with valuable benefits. On-site job training is a flexible and cost-effective way to train as many or as few employees as you need. Additionally, your organization is able to cut down on travel expenses and work around current project schedules to find the most convenient time.

Maximize the Value of Your Training Budget

On-site training is a great option for businesses that want to implement a company-wide training plan. Having New Horizons professionals train your staff at your facility enables your employees to receive standardized training using the same course materials and content. Work with our experts to develop a training solution that meets your needs and helps you accomplish your goals so you can get the most value out of your training budget.

Our Flexible Training Options

New Horizons Learning Group can work on-site job training into your already tight schedule and conduct it in a place that works best for your staff. New Horizons can use a standard training solution or customize one with specific topics you need covered, depending on your organization’s specific goals. Your courses can be taught as 'off-the-shelf,' slightly modified, or completely customized for your individual training needs. New Horizons Learning Group keeps training unique, engaging, and relevant by developing training content specifically tailored for your business. This allows you to be more efficient and expedient when applying your training to your systems and operations.

Organizational Benefits of On-Site Training

Flexible course scheduling allows you to maintain productivity
Train groups of employees simultaneously to significantly reduce training expenses
Bring employees to the same skill level by training them on the same content
Achieve your business goals by tailoring the course material

On-Site Training Benefits for Students

Schedule training around department requirements and projects 
Receive course material in any format you need
Uniform learning experience for all employees
Receive customized training built around real-world examples

Receive a Great Return On Investment

Proper on-site job training through courses with New Horizons Learning Group help to increase employee productivity and minimize downtime. On-site training is also beneficial because employees are able to learn while using their everyday equipment, allowing them to quickly utilize their new skills. Learn more about on-site training plans by contacting a representative at New Horizons today.

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