Microsoft Migrations
Migrate Your Microsoft Platform in Three Easy Steps

Transition to Office 2010/2013/2016, Windows 7/8/10 or Office 365

New Horizons Learning Group understands that every organization will have different needs, struggles and requirements when migrating to a new version of Microsoft Office or Windows, which is why our solutions align with every stage of the migration process: Preparation, Execution & Post Deployment.

Step 1: Receive Pre-Migration Consulting

Before moving forward with any migration—New Horizons will map out what a successful deployment will look like for your company. Not only do we provide the training necessary to prepare your organization for a successful deployment, we also provide one-on-one consultation to determine tailored solutions.

In this vital stage of the Migration process, we can help you:

  • Assess the new product or products which your company is planning to deploy
  • Address your technical options, whether it be a push or a pull installation
  • Serve up the new product or products in the least stressful way possible
  • Determine which product features could become possible stumbling blocks for employees
  • Successfully deliver the message of change to your employees

Step 2: Execution & Delivery of Solutions Training

When New Horizons Learning Group delivers migration training, we begin with a high-level overview session for the entire company, which addresses new product features, as well as best practices when transitioning from a legacy version. From here, we can determine which product-focused courses are best suited for your employees, based on departmental needs and job responsibilities.

Key Office and Windows Migration Courses

Step 3: Post Deployment

When a company launches a new version of Windows or Office, one of the biggest concerns of an organization is the potential increase in helpdesk tickets. Luckily, New Horizons Learning Group offers several, post–deployment solutions to help supplement or off-set your help desk, including:

  • Desk-side Coaching—Live or virtual, a New Horizons coach is available to your employees
  • Online ANYTIME—Self-paced eLearning that employees can access at their own convenience
  • Follow-up Training—We can develop tailored training that addresses very specific components
  • Instant Learning Server—On-demand video learning that lives in the ribbon or toolbar of any MS product