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Microsoft PowerPoint is full of features which allow you to present information in a concise and exciting format. New Horizons Learning Group has the Microsoft PowerPoint courses and training you need to help you create professional and captivating presentations.

Use PowerPoint designer to communicate your stories or ideas in a compelling way. Regardless of your design or technical capabilities, PowerPoint empowers you to captivate and persuade audiences with beautiful built-in themes, animation features and a professional presentation mode.

We offer world-class training for several versions, including O365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 as well as 2003. And, of course, all classes are delivered by one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers. Whether you're new to PowerPoint or an advanced user, our training will cover all you need to know to become a PowerPoint power user.

What's new for Microsoft PowerPoint O365 and 2019?

PowerPoint 2019 and in Office 365 is primed for use on tablets and phones, so you can swipe and tap your way through presentations. Key features include:

  • New and upgraded visual effects
  • Pictures and graphic ,edia files, Including GIFs and 3D
  • Draw or write with digital ink
  • Arrange elements on your slides for screen readers
  • Convert files to improve accessibility
  • New charts including funnel and 2D map charts
  • Run a slide show with a digital pen

Microsoft PowerPoint Course Topics

  • New Features of PowerPoint
  • Creating presentations with PowerPoint
  • Formatting and organizing PowerPoint slides
  • Working with graphics, tables and charts
  • Adding multimedia and SmartArt presentations
  • Integrating with Microsoft Office files

Get Certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint

Your Microsoft PowerPoint training will prepare you for a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. The Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint Associate Certification demonstrates competency to create, edit, and enhance presentations and slideshows. The exam covers the ability to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, create slide content, apply transitions and animations and manage multiple presentations. Presentation examples include professional-grade sales presentations, employee training, instructional materials, and kiosk slideshows. 

Microsoft Office Certification proves that you have core to advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications. Certification is helpful for those new to the workforce or transitioning to a more analytical role, since it proves you can perform tasks at a higher level. This gives you a leg up against competing candidates. Holding a MOS certification can earn an entry-level business employee as much as $16,000 more in annual salary than uncertified peers.*

* Anderson, Cushing, and John F. Gantz. Skills Requirements for Tomorrow’s Best Jobs: Helping Educators Provide Students with Skills and Tools They Need. IDC/Microsoft. October 2013


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Take a Free Microsoft Office Skills Assessment

free-assessmentBy assessing needs at the beginning of the learning lifecycle, students and corporate decision-makers are able to identify and select the right solutions to maximize their training investment.

Assessments establish learning goals and measure the effectiveness of a training program, thereby demonstrating the value of training. A pre-assessment of skill-levels identifies knowledge gaps so that training needs can be mapped to objectives. A post-assessment verifies that the required skill-level has been attained.

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Find a PowerPoint Training Location Near You

Ready to become a PowerPoint certified professional? Looking to advance your career or start a new one? New Horizons Learning Group provides a clear learning path and training for professionals looking to master PowerPoint. New Horizons Learning Group has 10 convenient locations in major west coast and southwestern cities. Each of our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and well versed instructors. Most of our courses can be taken in person or online. We provide hosted long distance courses, online live, dedicated and onsite training for groups, instructor led courses, and even custom courses. Find one of our convenient locations near you and start learning today:


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PowerPoint Courses

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What Our Students Say

  • 79% of IT Professionals improved productivity from their training at New Horizons
  • 89% returned to New Horizons to further their skills
  • 90% of IT Professionals recommend New Horizons
  • 91% felt New Horizons content prepared them for certification
  • 92% took additional courses with New Horizons because of Instructor Quality
  • 98% would recommend New Horizons to others
  • 100% have increased their job security by taking a course

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Upcoming Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

Course Starts Location Price
Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) - Part 1 ( v1.1) 10/18/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) - Part 1 ( v1.1) 10/18/2022 HDL - All Locations (Pacific Time)
Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) - Part 1 ( v1.1) 12/01/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) - Part 1 ( v1.1) 12/01/2022 HDL - All Locations (Pacific Time)
Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365 (Desktop or Online) - Part 1 ( v1.1) 2/01/2023 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)

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What Our Students Say About Microsoft Training and Certifications

"I had very little to no experience in Excel and this class was just the right pace and had the right content for a beginner. Prior to this course I had never taken a computer course, not even in college. All that I knew of Microsoft Office I figured out on my own, with a lot of help from that 'help' button and Google searches! Being in the classroom environment with an instructor was SO much easier! I'll definitely be coming back to New Horizons in the future for any computer or Microsoft Office training that I may need."

Amanda Brush
Associate Learning Specialist

"New Horizons of Southern California has delivered a series of Microsoft Office 2013 classes to the staff at California State University Dominguez Hills at their Carson, CA campus. The purpose of the ongoing training program is to provide a comprehensive and innovative training program that develops and enhances the job skills of CSUDH staff from multiple departments. The project has been an ongoing success and New Horizons is working with CSUDH to provide similar ongoing training"

"Our company has used the services of New Horizons for a number of staff to take Microsoft training. All of our training was done using the Live Online modality and this was extremely convenient for our staff and we all feel that this method gave us the same value as if we would have been in a classroom environment in person. The instructors were still very easy to interact with and easy to follow. Course material was still covered very well in this method and we could really not tell of any differences at all between this and if we were in an actual classroom."

Brent Kiley
Corporate Solutions Manager, MindGeek