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Since 1982, New Horizons has provided innovative learning solutions that have transformed businesses, large and small. On this page, you will find case studies that showcase our innovative delivery methods, customized training solutions, certified instructors, and vendor-authorized content. Read how companies and individuals increased productivity, improved collaboration, save time and money, and delivered a consistent learning experience to geographically dispersed staff

Featured Case Study: From Unemployed to IT Entrepreuner


Anyone can write their own career success story. With the right training and professional certifications, you can open doors to new jobs or an entirely different career track. You can even build a foundation to start your own business, which is exactly what Scott Landry, founder of LandryIT, did when he decided it was time to launch a new career. Read Scott's Full Story Now




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New Horizons Case Study: Magna Services

Improved Performance and Cost Savings

“We were especially interested in using virtualization for our remote sites, as it would be easy to deploy multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single piece of hardware,” said Micheal Waltz.


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Federal Government

New Horizons Case Study: Federal Government

Selected New Horizons because of convenience and location of offices

New Horizons was informative and we found the instructor to be very knowledgeable.

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U.S. Department Of The Air Force

New Horizons Case Study: U.S. Department of the Airforce

New Horizons courses helped complete job duties more quickly

With New Horizons, I have been able to perform my duties more quickly as opposed to figuring out how to perform the necessary functions on my own.

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Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorders Office

New Horizons Case Study: Children’s Medical Center Of Dallas

Reduced Processing Time from 17 Days to 1 Day

I feel the process is much faster and smoother...the pressure is gone and I can do it all now.

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U.S Army Paraplegic Takes Next Steps Towards IT

New Horizons Case Study: Del Valle Independent School District

Wounded Warrior Sgt. Felipe Francisco Adams

It was an easy choice to make because I did the research and New Horizons had everything I was looking for in a training center.

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

New Horizons Case Study: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Improved productivity in working with Microsoft Windows Server 2012

New Horizons has provided me with valuable additional knowledge for working with MS Windows Server 2012R2.

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State & Local Government

New Horizons Case Study: State & Local Government

New Horizons course content helped improve skills

The content through New Horizons’ courses is specific and clear.

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Stone Brewing Co.

New Horizons Case Study: Stone Brew Co.

Excel classes helped improve skills

New Horizons offers high quality Excel classes. All of my online teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject.

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Elkay Plastics

New Horizons Case Study: Oakwood Hospital Taylor

The Foundations for the Modern IT Department

“I’m not going to train them, and neither are my people. They need to be professionally trained. I want us to grow and evolve presentation of the material was excellent."

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New Horizons Case Study: Asics

New Horizons quality learning tools helped achieve IT certification

New Horizons’ training has allowed me to improve my job performance by providing ways to produce quality learning tools for customers.

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US Department Of The Navy

New Horizons Case Study: US Department Of The Navy

Improved employee retention and helped job performance

The Microsoft application courses especially helped me in my line of work. My job performance has greatly improved since taking New Horizons training.

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Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

New Horizons Case Study: Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

New Horizons training spurred additional learning

Through New Horizons’ courses, I gained new insight, causing a light bulb to go off and making me eager to learn more.

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Disney's ITIL Journey

New Horizons Case Study: Children’s Medical Center Of Dallas

New Horizons offer Lunch n Learns and In Depth Instruction.

Disney's approach to promote value that ITIL brings in delivering a great guest experience.

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SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park

New Horizons Case Study: City Of Houston

Saved $8,800 in renewal fees after the first month

I've never gotten such an instant return on my investment.

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