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Featured Resource: Top Career Training Certifications in 2020

It’s a new year! You may have made resolutions in the past, but this year is a new decade—it’s time for a fresh start! We’re not talking about staying off Amazon or heading to the gym. It’s time to invest in yourself, to better your career.

To help you along the way, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide featuring the top 20 career training certifications for the upcoming year. In addition to getting a preview of what’s up and coming in 2020, you’ll be able to decide which programs would best suit you and help you invest in the right career path. You’ll learn:

  • 20 of the most sought-after certifications entering 2020
  • Requirements to complete the certifications
  • What types of careers these certifications can lead to
  • Tips for getting started

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IT Professionals

You are constantly supporting your organization with quick service, real time answers and staying ahead of what next in the work of technology. Access our resources as a way to keep you informed and on top of your toes.

Assessment: Are Your Leveraging Azure to It's Max?

Azure Benefits Guide

Implementing Azure for your organization was a major decision. We developed a simple guide and assessment tool for the decision makers of implementing Azure to help you understand, "Are we realizing these great benefits?"

Whitepaper: The Future IT Service Management Professional

Take a look at the future and emerging tends that will impact the IT service management profession. Straight from the global community, this information has been gathered from industry leaders.

eBook: Fundamentals of Azure 2nd Edition

Azure's computer, storage, network, and application services allow companies to focus on building great solutions. This eBook is great for developers and IT professionals who are new to cloud computing.

Whitepaper: Security in Office365

Don't let security concerns keep your business from enjoying the benefits of the cloud. This white paper from Microsoft covers how you can customize your Office 365 environment to meet your needs.

Report: CompTIA Building Digital Organizations

The CompTIA Building Digital Organizations report explores how businesses are pursuing new IT tools in an era that has been defined by cloud computing and mobile strategies.

Whitepaper: Redefining Networking with Network Virtualization

With all of the benefits of network virtualization, it's no wonder 82% of enterprises have mapped out a hybrid cloud strategy. If you're stuck with a legacy network infrastructure, read this white paper.

Whitepaper: Building a Virtualized Network Solution

The benefits of network virtualization are clear, but designing and implementation is complex and challenging. This free white paper is specifically designed for architects and cloud fabric administrators.

Report: Microsoft Security Intelligence

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report includes long-term data on industry vulnerabilities, exploits, malware, and malicious websites spanning over 100 countries/regions.

Whitepaper: Key Ingredients for a Virtualization Platform

As the mobile-cloud era continues to unfold, IT organizations are engaged in keeping pace with the accelerating spread of business expectations. How are IT organizations closing the gap?

eBook: The Future of IT Skills: Server Administration

The nature of work is changing. New trends in technology are creating new possibilities for automation and artificial intelligence. One thing is certain: technical skills will be in high demand.

eBook: Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server

If you are a data scientist, database administrator, developer, or data professional this FREE eBook will teach you how to install, configure, and use Microsoft SQL Server R Services in data science projects.

eBook: Configuring SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities

The eBook Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities provides a deep dive on various SharePoint hybrid capabilities, how to configure them, and considerations to take into account.

eBook: Introducing Windows Server 2016

Windows Server has powered a generation of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises. This book introduces you to the latest version, Windows Server 2016.

eBook: Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals

New to Windows 10 and want to learn the difference between the newest version of Windows and the version your business is currently using? This technical overview looks at new Windows 10 features and capabilities so you can start planning for deployment.

eBook: Design and Deliver Cloud-Based Apps and Data

The future is in the cloud, but how do you leverage it effectively for your business today? Learn how Citrix Cloud offers a secure and scalable management platform according to your organization's needs and priorities.

Guide: Your Complete CRM Handbook

Customer Relationship Management is key to successfully leveraging your business's contacts. Through one application, you can view contact information, follow up on leads via email, and track your performance.

HR and L&D

We know learning, training and the employee landscape is changing quicker than ever before. Let us help you keep your organization growing with these resources. Explore now.

Whitepaper: L&D Roles Are Changing

L&D Roles are Changing

 As technology dramatically changes the modern workforce, companies need learning and development professionals that can keep pace. How are these fundamental roles changing? Download this whitepaper to learn about the major trends in learning and development and how they will affect major roles.

Whitepaper: 7 Steps to Becoming a Digital Learning Pioneer

7 Steps to Becoming a Digital Learning Pioneer

How can you keep your organization's training current? Learn seven key strategies to redefine your learning and development plans.

Career Development

New Horizons Career Development Solutions gives students new opportunities through globally recognized career training programs. View all our career readiness resources to help you jump-start your career.

eBook: How to Apply Your Military Skills to Create Better Employment Opportunities


One of the biggest challenges veterans face after their service is transitioning to civilian life. It is a confusing and often overwhelming time. Many struggle when asking themselves, “How can I apply my military skills toward finding a job?” We answer that and more in this guide.

Guide: 10 Skills Companies Want a Modern Employee to Have

eBook Cover - 10 Skills Modern Employees

You’ve already mastered a valuable set of skills over the course of your career. But now that it’s time to go after that new job or promotion, it’s hard to fit all of that knowledge and experience on your resume. Get our complete guide and learn how to stand out in the workforce in a way that lands you the job you want, and the career you’ve always dreamed of.

Checklist: Questions to Consider When Looking into Further Career Training


Whether you’re looking to get back to work or move up the ladder, education is the key. But you don’t need to spend four years on a college degree or earn an MBA to move forward—vocational and career training can help you learn new skills to advance your career. Before you start sifting through the various certifications, programs, and schools out there, check out this handy checklist to help you compare and weigh the different options.

The Best Resume Template for Any Interview


Do you ever feel like there is a thousand different  directions on how to build a resume? Use our tested and proven resume template with decades of results created by Gary O'Neal, Recruiting & Corporate Hiring Consultant.