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Managing Remote Teams During COVID-19


The business model is constantly evolving. Training and managing remote workers and teams – a rarity just a few years ago – is now a common occurrence, especially since COVID-19. 

Working virtually offers unique advantages and challenges as well as adjustments for new remote workers.

Do you need training solutions and resources to support your remote and virtual workers?


Training Solutions for Remote & Virtual Workers

New Horizons offers a Guaranteed-to-run list of courses below to training your remote worker on Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 2 Days, $1,500  

This course will teach you to adjust your management style to successfully improve communication, foster connections, increase productivity, and develop remote and virtual teams. Focused on practical skills, this course includes activities to apply these techniques and drive results.  Sample this course by watching the free Managing Remote and Virtual Teams Course Demo now.

Communicating Across Your Organization 3 Days, $2,250  

The success of leaders is rooted in the effectiveness of their teams, as well as savvy communication with colleagues. Guiding and empowering others and creating collaboration is essential. In this course, you will learn to build trust and commitment, motivating others through respectful and authentic interactions.  Sample this course by watching the free Communicating Across Your Organization Course Demo now.

Leading Change in a Complex World 2 Days, $1,500  

Leading others requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions, and demonstrating confidence. This course will help you to cultivate the leadership skills that you need to influence others and guide them.  Sample this course by watching the free Leading Change in a Complex World Course Demo now.

Prioritizing Your Time Effectively 2 Days, $1,500   

In this course, you will learn to improve your focus, prioritize tasks, identify and avoid obstacles to staying on track, and develop strategies to get the most out of your time. You will acquire time management tools and decision-making techniques to help you focus on purpose and achieve your goals, balancing the needs of both your business and personal life.  Sample this course by watching the free Prioritizing Your Time Effectively Course Demo now.

The Art of Effective Presentations 3 Days, $2,250  

Whether speaking publicly or to a private group, the ability to deliver a great presentation means efficiently and effectively conveying your message. In this course, you will learn strategies to master your speaking skills, confidently stand before a group, and deliver your message.  Sample this course by watching the free Art of Effective Presentations Course Demo now.

Discovering Your Leadership Voice 2 Days, $1,500  

In this course, you will learn proven techniques to find and develop your own voice as a leader – one that builds trusts, fosters enthusiasm for change, engages colleagues, strengthens relationships, and achieves results.  Sample this course by watching the free Discovering Your Leadership Voice Course Demo now.

Get a comprehensive guide to launching your own professional development program. Download Our Guide  data-verified=

Remote Compliance Training

Workplace Harassment Training

Training: If you have employees you brought back that aren't compliant to the workplace harassment laws in your state, New Horizons Multi-State training adheres to some of the strongest and most stringent workplace harassment laws in the nation. Requirements of who needs training may vary across the nation but the training covers compliance in all states. To find out more and discuss your specific needs, request a quote and we will gladly discuss the options available to you.

Blog: According to Compliance Week. "If you're following New York or California, you're doing as much or more than you need to be doing in almost every state," says Joshua Zuckerberg, a partner at law firm Pryor Cashman. Read More about What CA SB 1343 Means For My Company.

Whitepaper: While many of the new laws stemmed from the #MeToo movement and strengthen harassment protections. There are many others that clear up ambiguities in laws passed in prior years and a few make small changes to employers in specific industries. Download the report to read all about the California labor laws in effect on January 1, 2019.


Cybersecurity End User Safety

Training: Your employees could be the biggest threat to your network especially when working remote. The average cost for a company to remedy a hack is about $4,000,000. That's about $157 per record. Almost 80% of these breaches are due to human error. Train your end users how to spot red flags, warning signs, and more. To find out more and discuss your specific needs, request a quote and we will gladly discuss the options available to you.

BlogEven though we stop thousands of phishing emails each week it is important for you to know how to recognize them as some will make it to your inbox. If you are ever unsure of an email you’ve received please send it to your internal IT or help desk. Read More about How to Identify Spear Phishing Emails.

Course Demo: In this demo you will learn about identifying phishing, pharming, and whaling emails. Also, the importance of password security and how to create a strong password. And the dangers of external devices and how to protect yourself. Watch the cybersecurity End User Safety Course Demo now.

Get More Training with Learning Credits

We want to contribute up to 50% to your training budget.

  • Train various employees based on their development plan
  • Collaborate with multiple departments for additional NH contribution
  • Secure training funds and budget for a whole year
  • Learn what you want, when you want, how you want
Your Investment
NH Contribution
Total Training Budget

$ 10,000




$ 20,000












$ 50,000








Read More About Learning Credits


How Do Other Companies Use Learning Credits

Small to medium sized businesses, large enterprise organizations, state/local governments and the DoD have all used Learning Credits to maximize their budgets. Whether the full scope of training needed for the next fiscal year is known or not, these entities rely on securing Learning Credits to manage their training and development budget.

  • Local Businesses - Jensen Precast, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Golden Gaming & Entertainment, Ridge Tahoe Resorts
  • Enterprise Customers - Blizzard Entertainment, Motion Picture Association of America, ABC Television Group, Cast & Crew Entertainment, Switch SuperNap, Mercury Insurance Group, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Suzuki Motor of America, Reliance Steel & Aluminum, Dole Packaged Foods, Zodiac Aerospace
  • Government Agencies - Imperial County Office of Education, USAF Nellis AFB, City of San Bernardino, City of Burbank, Town of Oro Valley, Metropolitan Water District
  • Nonprofit - Children's Hospital Los Angeles

In the video below, Senior Account Executive, Eddie Gonzalez explains how clients utilize Learning Credits.


NHLG x Office 365 Microsoft Teams CTA

Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

  • Leveraging communications technologies to the benefit of your teams
  • Identifying the specific skills required for managing remote teams

View Recording

Microsoft Teams Course Demo CTA

Using Microsoft Teams

  • Using Microsoft Teams channels
  • Posting Messages
  • Introduction to Chat and Video Calls

View Recording

CLD Premium Webinar CTA

Top 3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity

  • Written communication roadmap
  • Live presentations roadmap
  • Transformational leadership

View Recording

Popular Upcoming Remote Teams Courses

Course Starts Location Price
Microsoft 365 Office for the Web (with Teams) 10/10/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
Microsoft 365 Office for the Web (with Teams) 10/10/2022 HDL - All Locations (Pacific Time)
Microsoft 365 Office for the Web (with Teams) 12/16/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
MS-700T00 Managing Microsoft Teams 9/27/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
MS-700T00 Managing Microsoft Teams 9/27/2022 HDL - All Locations (Pacific Time)
MS-700T00 Managing Microsoft Teams 10/24/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 12/19/2022 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 12/19/2022 HDL - All Locations (Pacific Time)
Managing Remote and Virtual Teams 2/09/2023 Online LIVE - Remote Learning (Pacific Time)


Looking for that perfect distraction during COVID-19 closures? Here are the top 5 reasons to do online training now:

  1. Obtain that certification you've always aspired for
  2. Upgrade your skills from the comfort of your own home
  3. Add training to your LinkedIn profile
  4. Increase on the job performance
  5. Chances are the instructor is teaching from home and everyone else in the virtual classroom is learning from home, so you can still make new connections while staying at home as requested by the CDC

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