Redeem Your Software Assurance Training Vouchers

As a leading Microsoft technical training partner, New Horizons New Horizons Learning Group is an ideal place to redeem your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs). Our team is ready to find the right solution for you and provide your employees with world-class training on the latest Microsoft technologies. 

Benefits of Redeeming your Microsoft Training Vouchers

  • Extend your training budget
  • Stay competitive with the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Increase employee productivity & efficiency
  • Reduce operational and support costs

Steps to Implement Your Microsoft SATV Strategy

  • Identify client team key players
  • Review current projects and align Software Assurance benefits
  • Assess current staff needs & develop a prescriptive plan
  • Educate & empower your staff
  • Provide reports at quarterly EBR
  • Learn more about Volume Licensing & SATVs from Microsoft.

How to Redeem SATVs at New Horizons

1.) The number of available SATVs training days can be verified through an online Microsoft Volume Licensing tool that is administered by a benefits manager at your company. Via the volume licensing tool, the benefits manager can convert training days to SATVs and assign them to individuals.

2.) View Eligible SATV course schedules

3.) Get your manager's approval and fill out the form to register for class

4.) Your Account Representative will contact you with class confirmation.


Contact an Account Executive today at New Horizons New Horizons Learning Group for more information about Microsoft SATV benefits.

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) Program Changes

The changes will start in February 2020 and will gradually be implemented by January 1, 2022. Microsoft is investing in new ways to help organizations deploy, train, and get support for the products and services they buy. Because those new ways overlap with some dated and underused Software Assurance benefits, and the redemption process for some benefits are cumbersome and outdated, Microsoft is retiring those overlapping and outdated benefits. Read everything we know about these Microsoft SATV Updates

Key Dates and Milestones for SATV Retirement

Past date: February 1, 2020 Past Date: February 1, 2021 Past Date: June 30, 2021 January 1, 2022
  • Azure courses will be retired from SATV redemption.
  • Training vouchers can no longer be converted to planning services days.
  • Retire accrual of new planning days and. training vouchers
  • New and existing contracts after won’t have any training vouchers assigned.
  • All training vouchers must be created and assigned to respective team members.
  • All training vouchers must have enrollment details and dates for training before December 31, 2021.
  • Last day to redeem planning days vouchers for existing contracts.
  • Last day to redeem training vouchers for existing contracts.

Don't Let Your Training Dollars Go to Waste

COVID Updates for SATVs and Microsoft Certifications

COVID has impacted our daily lives in many ways. As we adjust during this time our partners have also adjusted to better serve your organization and professional development needs during this time. Below outlines changes Microsoft has made pertaining to SATVs and Certifications: 

  • SATVs will now be redeemable 270 days (up from 180 days) from creation. 
  • Microsoft certification exam rescheduled and cancellations fees have been waived. 
  • Role Based Certifications previously announced to expire are extended to March 31, 2021.


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