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Our goal is to design programs that are based only on Successful Student Outcomes including qualify of life, job placement and purpose. The following career paths have had proven successes in today's market based off of both student and employer feedback. Experience our students' testimonials during and after their career development training and certification programs.

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From Unemployed to IT Entrepreneuer

Without a college degree, Scott's prospects seemed limited, until a friend told him how the government could help him pay for vocational training. With career training and technical certifications, Scott was able to launch a highly successful career in IT support. In fact, in a few short years, Scott was able to acquire more training and more professional certifications and lay the foundation to launch his own business.

"Do it for yourself. IT is a great field, and New Horizons Career Development Solutions training and certifications can open new doors."

Scott Landry

Orange County, CA

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The Best Decision I've Ever Made

After 30 years in the IT industry, I came to New Horizons Learning Group to get certifications on CompTIA and Cisco. I am pleased with the results achieved, the knowledge I acquired is beyond comparison. My assigned counselor, Kevin D, was very professional and he really made a difference for me. He help me right from the start by identifying my skill level and making correct course recommendations. The multi-tier learning system: CCTV, online live class and course material was top notch and up to date. The test trial materials were very instrumental in my success. I have been empowered with this new knowledge and experience. I feel choosing New Horizons for my certifications was the best decision I could have ever made in my career.

Noe M
Los Angeles, CA

Mortgage Project Management

"The instructors were vibrant, knowledgeable, and exciting to learn from which greatly assisted in my overall success. Each instructor’s unique personality and teaching style made learning exciting and fun! It was very obvious that their dedication, academic preparation, and patience with re-explaining in order for me to fully comprehend was never bothersome. I will continue to recommend New Horizons for anyone wanting to sharpen their skills or earn certifications. Again, I offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the entire staff– everyone made a profound difference in my overall success."

Dori Avila

Anaheim, CA

Success with Microsoft Access

“It was really a very good course specially if one is involved in using Access in web-based environment. and data sharing. The very-experienced instructor takes the students from one lesson and subsequently builds it up to the next level with practical applications enhancing retention in particular and the entire learning process in general, making the “investment” all worth it.”

Joel Pinlac

Los Angeles, CA

How Microsoft and QuickBooks Career Training Is Changing My Life

The job search isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience—not everyone is starting off searching for a career straight out of college. Sometimes, the job hunt comes later in life when it’s least expected. This is exactly what happened for one stay-at-home mom in Southern California who lost her spouse—the breadwinner of the family—and was suddenly launched back into the workforce after two decades off the job.

“New Horizons Career Development Solutions is so wonderful. I couldn’t have gotten the training done without the online classes, materials, and teachers, who have a lot of experience.”

Elizabeth Nguyen

San Bernardino, CA

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Cybersecurity on a New Level

I didn’t know classes like CEH and CHFI existed until I was shown the courses at New Horizons, San Bernardino. I had done many things before on my own, but never had formal training. This is what I was lacking while looking for work. Everybody wants degrees, or certificates to land a job. The class material provided by EC- Council was accurate, informal, and filled in the gaps that I needed to take the certification tests while going for my BS. These courses were really fun and my instructor Dennis Thibodeaux was knowledgeable and great! I would recommend these courses to others in the same field.

James R. Bowker, Jr.

San Bernardino, CA

Network Engineer Grows with Government Contracts

"Increasing my technical know-how in the IT industry and providing my company with the ability to obtain more government contracts was the driving force behind obtaining my certifications. My training advisor was insightful in working with me to formulate a training solution that was geared toward my specific needs. Ultimately it was the attention to detail and the willingness and support from my instructors and my educational guidance that I chose New Horizons."

Fernando DeCoster 

Los Angeles, CA

More than a Training Center

'Getting training is important, but New Horizons  is more than a training center. An integral part of the NH organization is the staff behind the great training opportunities. The persons in accounts, marketing, mentored learning support, IT, and front office staff all contributed to my excellent experience; each person was a supportive element to the organization and to its customers, the students. Each time I needed support to get a question answered or technical assistance a NH staff member was available to help me. Moreover, I had a few chats with staff in the break room where each time I was personally engaged with, I was asked where I was in my training process, and how was I achieving my occupational goals. Equally important, all the instructors I had were supportive and encouraging. I highly recommend NH as your training center, not just for training but for encouragement, support, and the human element of professional enrichment.'

Robert Dan Allan

Los Angeles, CA

How One Veteran Leveraged His Veterans Education Benefits to Reboot His Career

Although the military provides educational opportunities for building skill sets that can translate to the civilian workplace, understanding how to leverage those skills and build a career around them can be challenging for veterans. When Anthony Voce decided to return to civilian life, he was fortunate enough to have training in telecommunications and security, which helped him get a job at Boeing. However, a decade into his career, Anthony unexpectedly found that he needed to reinvent himself.

Anthony Voce

Los Angeles, CA

Navy Veteran Hired as an IT Specialist

Luis Salvatierra is a Navy veteran who exited service this year and was seeking civilian employment in information technology (IT), an entirely new field for him. Luis took advantage of veteran-focused services provided at the South Metro Career Center and enrolled in computer certification courses. One month after completing his training, he was hired as an IT specialist.

Luis' success is important for many reasons. It demonstrates that workforce programs help veterans to successfully transition to civilian employment. It underscores that our programs have an impact on reducing the high veteran unemployment rate. And, we are proud that we can serve a veteran who selflessly served his country for many years. 

Luis Salvatierra

San Diego, CA

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Working Professional Works Towards Adobe Certification

Michael Brooks is a Technical Editor working for the Department of the Navy enrolled in the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Web Specialist program at New Horizons Learning Group (NHLG) – Burbank campus. As a working professional has already completed an MS in Leadership and Management and did not want to pursue another degree. He did, however, have education benefits from Veterans Affairs still available.

Having been a publishing editor for 13 years and using Adobe software for the majority of that time he said to himself, “why not get an Adobe certification for the software I have been using for years?” Despite his previous experience, an additional workload for any working professional is never easy. He states, “It does take a tremendous amount of my personal time and I do have a lengthy commute… about an hour and twenty minutes.” This is time he would otherwise be doing some of the many things he loves to do such as writing, hiking, and exploring movie and television filming locations.

His passion and career goal of achieving certifications in several desktop publishing programs and possibly becoming an instructor drives him to continue his education with NHLG. His favorite class in the program is Photoshop and learning layers management techniques.

NHLG, Michael says, “is perfect for the working professional. The course schedules can be tailored to meet your needs. The staff is courteous and professional and they are ready to help facilitate student success.” Michael has already passed the Microsoft PowerPoint exam and continues to excel in the ACE Web Specialist program.

Michael Brooks
Burbank, CA

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