Red Hat Learning Subscription - Developer

Red Hat® Learning Subscription delivers access to Red Hat online training resources in a single, annual subscription. Watch videos, take courses, and complete hands-on labs online, at your own pace. Customize your learning experience to access online training classes, certification exams, or video courses by choosing your subscription tier.


Red Hat Learning Subscription Developer was designed with developers in mind. A single, annual subscription delivers access to all Red Hat Training courses for developers, including content on Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat Middleware, and containers. Through a dynamic, online learning platform including video classroom courses, e-books, and hands-on labs, developers have access to global, 24x7 training that is delivered on-demand, at their own pace, and in up to nine languages.

Get on-the-job support.

  • One year of access -Access all Red Hat Online Learning and Video Classroom courses.
  • Hands-on practice Up to 400 hours of access to cloud-based labs.
  • Easily searchable content to help quickly answer questions on cloud-native technologies, microservices, and migrating existing applications.
  • Quick lab access to already set-up, hands-on environments with detailed steps.
  • New and updated courses are added to the subscription as they are released.
  • On-demand access, worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Early access to courses and labs currently in development, including content on new product versions and releases.

Build your skills.

No prerequisite level of expertise required, allowing you to build your skills on cloud-native technologies or development, regardless of your level. Track progress toward training and certification goals. Train offline with up to 10 e-book downloads.

Become Red Hat certified.

Get certified in up to three Red Hat certifications with three exam attempts. Verify your skills with Red Hat application development through certification.
Courses included in the Red Hat Learning Subscription


Introduction to OpenShift Applications (DO101)
Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift (DO180)
Red Hat Training: Open Practices for your DevOps Journey (DO250)
Red Hat Application Development II: Implementing Microservice (DO283)
Red Hat OpenShift Development II: Containerizing Applications (DO288)
Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift Development I (DO295)
Building Resilient Microservices with Istio and Red Hat OpenShift (DO328)
Red Hat Cloud-Native Microservices Development with Quarkus (DO378)
Red Hat DevOps Pipelines and Processes: CI/CD with Jenkins, Git,and Test Driven Development (DO400)
Application Development Courses
Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (AD183)
Build and Administer APIs with Red Hat 3scale API Management (AD240)
Developing Application Business Rules with Red Hat Decision (AD364)
Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0 for Developers (AD373)
Camel Integration and Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse (AD421)
Developing Rules Applications with Red Hat JBoss BPM (AD427)
Implementing Red Hat JBoss BRMS (AD465)

Exams included in the Red Hat Developer Learning Subscription

Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes Exam EX180
Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam EX183
Red Hat Certified Specialist in API Management Exam EX240
Red Hat Enterprise Microservices Developer exam EX283
Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development EX288
Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development exam EX421
Red Hat Certified Specialist in Business Rules exam EX447

North American customers with a Standard level subscription will have access to exams through Red Hat Individual Exams only. Basic level subscribers can gain access to exams by purchasing them separately. *Please note that EX220 and EX318 are not offered in the Individual Exam format.

Red Hat Learning Subscription - Developer


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